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Affiliate Web Hosting Program

10% RECURRING Affiliate Web Hosting Commissions!

  • Highest payout of any Affiliate Web Hosting Program!

  • All Commissions ARE RECURRING!

Sign up for our affiliate web hosting program today and start earning a generous 10% commission from WH Planet! We go a step further and provide a second tier. If any of your referrals sign up for our hosting affiliate program and refer people, you will earn an additional 5% for every one of their referrals! With cookies lasting 365 days this can be very easy. The difference between our affiliate program and other hosting providers is that many hosting providers require an entire year in advance and do not offer monthly terms to visitors.


  • We payout every 60 days (Hold for fraud checking). Payouts are made in PayPal, or credits to your hosting account with us.

Affiliate Portal

  • Our affiliate system has an easy to navigate interface and is full of features! Features include more in-depth statistics, html link code automation, banners and text links, build your own links, easy account information access and commission overview pages.

Performance Award

  • Refer over 10 clients a month and we will increase your commission rate to 20% recurring!
  • The difference between our affiliate program and other hosting providers is that other hosting providers offer a one time referral fee, we NEVER stop paying you!  Your commissions last as long as the client is paying WH Planet. IE: Refer an Enterprise Hosting Account and you could earn $2.80/mo on that client as long as they are with us.

Through your WH Planet Affiliate login  you can:

  • Download your tracking links and banner ads
  • Create custom tracking codes
  • View  your links or banner ad promotions
  • Track your clicks, conversions and commissions

Signing up is free and easy!

  • Affiliate Web Hosting Commission:  10% Recurring!
  • Commission Duration: Endless – Recurring for life of client!
  • Cookie Duration: 365 Days
  • Payment Methods: PayPal or Account Credit
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